June. When some things happen apparently.

Full details now on THREE RULES FOR THE DRAGON.  It happens June 17-19 at Premiere Stages in New Jersey.  It's totally free, and don't let NJ Transit scare you - it's actually shockingly easy and fast to get to.  And beside the always-awesome Wes Grantom directing it has a kick-ass group of actors doing it - Dashiell Eaves, Christa Scott-Reed, Julian Cihi and Tyrah Skye Odoms.  They are killers, each and every one.  Join us if you can.


Then, the following week, my play HOW TO BUILD A CITY will have the exact same type of treatment at TACT in NYC as part of their annual newTACTics New Works Festival - a workshop/reading, culminating in two free performances Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Again, a fantastic cast is on-board to make me look good - Will Rogers, Anthony Newfield, Chad Goodridge, Richard Theiriot and Amelia McClain - and evidently Wes Grantom is not completely sick of me, because he's doing these two things back-to-back.  So, lucky me.  It will be a crazy whiplash experience if you see both, because two more different plays there never has been.

There's actually more news coming - but until it's actual news, you'll just have to wait.  Because I just have to wait.  Because waiting, evidently, is what being a person is all about.