Watch this space... (news and a tease...)

I am terrible at self-promotion.  It's a fact.  So the whole have-a-website-with-a-news-section thing is hilarious to me.  But it's been a busy couple of months, and there's some news to report (and some news to come), so I'll do some gentle filling in here.

As for the news to come, you'll just have to wait.  But as for the news to report - well:

In January, a new theatre company called Crowded Outlet launched a developmental reading series with my play ELLIOT.  It was directed by Artistic Director (and my friend and partner in crime) Wes Grantom, and featured a truly stellar kick-ass cast (Stephen Kunken, Frankie Alvarez, Jennifer Ikeda, Christopher Gerson, Christa Scott-Reed and Dillon Heape).  It was a super fun evening with that messed-up play, and we had a blast.

In February, Will Van Dyke and I spent a week at Goodspeed in Connecticut as guests of their Johnny Mercer Writers Colony.  We had the best time writing, and getting to know some other amazing writers working on some pretty awe-inspiring musicals.  And, best of all, we finished a draft of our new musical WINTERSONG while we were there.  We're very excited about this show, and can't wait to share more soon.

Also in February, I spent a couple of days in Chicago.  Route 66 Theatre did a public reading of my play HOW TO BUILD A CITY, and it was a fun, terrific night.  It was directed by Henry Godinez, and had five rock star actors bringing it to life (Steven Strafford, Justin Brill, Jennifer Coombs, Craig Spidle and Eric Lynch).  And then I had a day-long workshop at the spectacular Chicago Shakespeare Theater working on a new play.  It was a truly exciting day, and I pinched myself several times while it was going on.

And then, in March, a couple of fun things:

1)  Kate Baldwin did an evening of Will's music (that featured a fair amount of our work) at an amazing new venue - the Sheen Center.  With special guests Matt Doyle and Jessica Vosk, it was a stellar evening, and we had the best time.  If you don't know about the Sheen Center, you definitely, 100% should.  And

2) My play THREE RULES FOR THE DRAGON was a finalist/participant in New Jersey's Premiere Stages Spring Reading Series of New Plays.  That play is a crazy, tense ride, and it was a thrilling day - again directed by Wes Grantom with a fearless cast (Nathan Darrow, Julian Cihi, Melissa Miller and Brooklyn Shuck) putting the pedal to the medal and really killing it.  It was awesome.

That's all.  Yes, there's some news coming, but you'll just have to check back.  I told you right at the top I'm a tease.  Basically, you'll just have to deal with it.  I may not be great at self-promotion, but I'm a sadist when it comes to information evidently.